2019 New Jersey Young Filmmakers' Festival Premiere

The 45th Annual NJ Young Filmmakers' Festival will hold its opening night premiere including two screenings and an awards ceremony at the home of Thomas Edison's film studio, the Black Maria, at 6:00PM, June 8th, at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, 211 Main Street, in West Orange, NJ. Admission is free, and the event is open to the public.

At 6:00PM in the Visitor Center, Honorable Mention winners will be screened. At 7:00PM under the main tent, all filmmakers will receive their awards and refreshments will be served. At 8:00PM, the NJYFF Premiere program will be screened featuring the top prize-winning filmmakers.

The Festival's gala premiere will feature a program of winning selections chosen by a jury including accomplished filmmakers and media professionals including Jane Steuerwald, Executive Director of the Thomas Edison Media Arts Consortium.

In 2017, NJ Young Filmmakers established a coordinating committee to promote the work of New Jersey's student filmmakers, and to further promote exhibition and educational opportunities. Committee members are dedicated New Jersey teachers and professors of film and video production including Chris Corey, Boris Gavrilovic, Jodie Lazarski, Louis Libitz, Howard Libov, Cali Macchia, Stephanie Roberts, and Marie Spiegeland.

For further information contact Jane Steuerwald, Executive Director of the Thomas Edison Media Arts Consortium, at (201) 856-6565 or jane@blackmariafilmfestival.org.

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