Highly qualified pre-screening reviewers evaluate all entries in their entirety in preparation for the jury panel. Each film is viewed by a minimum of three pre-screening reviewers. A number of films are eliminated through the pre-screening process, and the balance go on to the jury panel.

A new jury panel is convened each season. In November, the panel views the films, and determines and assigns all awards. Following, and in cooperation with the jury's decisions, the festival director selects films to be included in the annual tour. Awards and selections for the festival tour are announced in December prior to the festival premiere in February.

Selection of awards and films included in the tour is based on the sole discretion of the jury panel and the festival director.

Selection Notification

You will be notified of the selections for the festival tour in December. If you submit your work for review on-line, the link must not expire until after you are notified of the jury panel's selections.

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