Since 1981, the mission of the Black Maria Film Festival has been to promote, illuminate, and advocate innovation in the art of the moving image. The Festival has passionately embraced this mission for the past 38 years, and is named after the world's first motion picture studio built by Thomas Edison, where he made his short experimental films. Moviemaker's Spring 2010 issue lists the Black Maria Film Festival as one of "25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee."

Call for Entries - Overview

The Black Maria Film Festival seeks diverse, expressive, and passionate short films and videos by independent makers. The Festival is known for its support of spirited, cutting edge, and otherwise singular films. The Black Maria Film Festival is committed to works that explore the potential of the medium to illuminate, provoke, enrich, and engage viewers. Imaginative and revelatory films are sought including work that provides insight into the human condition and political, social, and environmental issues, and work that addresses the lives of people with disabilities.

The Global Insights Stellar Award

The Black Maria Film Festival welcomes work to be considered for the Global Insights Stellar Award - films that focus on the environment, people with disabilities, and/or issues of social justice.

The Black Maria Film Festival's ADA Award(s)

The Black Maria Film Festival welcomes work to be considered for the ADA Award in recognition of films that employ closed-captioning. The festival jury will judge all films designated in this entry category separately on their individual merits. Closed-captioned films chosen by the jury for the festival tour will be made available to host sites upon request.

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