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Click here to print out the Entry Form (PDF version)

The Black Maria Film and Video Festival seeks diverse, expressive, and passionate short films and videos by independent makers. The Festival is named after Thomas Edison's motion picture studio, and is known for its support of spirited, cutting edge, and otherwise singular film and video. The Black Maria is committed to works that explore the potential of the medium to illuminate, provoke, enrich, and engage viewers. Imaginative and revelatory films and videos which provide insight into the human condition and political, social, and environmental issues, as well as the lives of people with disabilities, or which investigate the aesthetic potential and eschew obvious conventions of the medium are also sought by the festival.


Your signed entry form, entry fee, screener and press kit must be postmarked by one of these dates:

October 15, 2013 - Early Bird Deadline

November 19, 2013 - Late Deadline (Late submissions will have a late fee. Please download form to see all fees.)

You may submit entries in one of two ways:
1) Mail a Printed Entry Form: Download the Entry Form here. Early Bird Deadline - October 15th, 2013: Please fill out this form and include it with your playable DVD and check for $35 for works up to 20 minutes or $40 for works over 20 minutes and up to 60 minutes. Late Deadline - November 19th, 2013: Please fill out this form and include it with your playable DVD and check for $40 for works up to 20 minutes or $50 for works over 20 minutes and up to 60 minutes.

2) Submit Online: Alternatively you may submit on-line through Withoutabox, click on that symbol on our website.

Entry Fees: Checks must be issued through a US banking institution. Make checks payable to The Black Maria Film and Video Festival. (Note: we accept checks and money orders.)

Submission Materials: Acceptable format for preview is DVD (NTSC, Region 0 or 1 only).

Please include the following with your entry:
- Still images: High-resolution electronic images - jpegs please - of at least 300dpi on a CD. Please provide captions for all images.
- Work description
- Brief bio
- Artist's Statement (optional)

To be notified that your entry has been received, please include a self-addressed and stamped postcard.

Shipping: If your work is selected for the Festival tour, 3 playable DVD's of your work must be sent to the Festival, prepaid, to arrive by January 7, 2014.

Selection Notification: You will be notified of the selections for the 2013 Festival Tour by late December 2013.

Festival Jurors: Chi-hui Yang, President of the Board of Trustees, The Flaherty Film Seminar, and independent programmer; John Knecht, Professor of Video Emeritus, Colgate University; third juror TBA.

TITLE OF WORK: _______________________________________________

TRT/LENGTH: _____________ GENRE/STYLE(OPTIONAL): ______________





DAY/CELL PHONE: _____________ EVENING/CELL PHONE: ________________

EMAIL/S: ________________________________________

BRIEF LOG LINE or DESCRIPTION: ____________________________________________

ADDITIONAL INFO: __________________________________________________

The undersigned affirms that he/she is either the maker, or the authorized agent of the maker, of the submission titled above. The undersigned understands that his/her signature below indicates that if the submission titled above is selected for the Festival Award tour, permission is essentially granted to the Black Maria Festival to exhibit the work throughout the tour season, which typically runs from February through June in the given tour year. The signature below also indicates the willingness to provide three extra DVD copies of the work as needed and at least one JPEG photo for PR and/or publication. The undersigned accepts that, as a nonprofit organization, the festival would not be held liable for any infringement of copyrights related to music, vintage footage or any other material which the maker or representative/agent may be responsible for. Nor will the festival, its agents or trustees be held culpable for any damage to materials or financial loss resulting from public exhibition of films, DVDs, etc. DVDs are not typically returned after the tour but special arrangements may be made if absolutely necessary.

Signed: ________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________

DEADLINE: November 19th but early submission is highly recommended. To submit complete the above and send DVD and entry fee to:

Black Maria Film & Video Festival
c/o Dept. of Media Arts, New Jersey City University
2039 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ 07305

Call 201-200-2043 or email jane@blackmariafilmfestival.org or info@blackmariafilmfestival.org for further information.

Alternatively you may submit on-line through Without a Box by just clicking on that symbol on our website.