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DVD - The Black Maria Film + Video Festival: Volume 1 - On Sale NOW!

Visit www.vitascopemedia.com for more information.

The Black Maria Film + Video Festival: Volume 1 DVD is on sale now and being distributed by Vitascope Media for purchase to museums, colleges / universities, libraries and community organizations - as well as to the general public. Over the years, the Black Maria Film + Video Festival gained a reputation as one of the preeminent film festivals for highly adventuresome cinematic work.

7 of the most exciting independent films from the last 10 years of the Black Maria festival tour have been collected on this electrifying compilation DVD. This DVD captures the essence of a program from the annual festival tour, with works from a variety of genres, including documentary, animation, experimental and narrative.

The Black Maria Festival was founded primarily so that independent filmmakers, who worked outside of the Hollywood System, could have a place to show their films / videos.


A list of the participating film + videomakers are:

Virgil Widrich - Vienna, Austria
Vanessa Renwick and Dawn Smallman - Portland, Oregon
Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley - Stuttgart, Germany & Slane Ireland
Thorsten Fleisch - Berlin, Germany
Coleman Miller - Elgin, Illinois
Eve Gordon and Sam Hamilton - Auckland, New Zealand
Jim Trainor - Chicago, Illinois